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A company which runs 27 motorcycle dealerships on the eastern seaboard of Australia has proved that two wheels are better than four when it comes to investment returns in the past year on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Shares in MotorCycle Holdings are up more than 85 per cent on the company's $2 issue price in last year's float.

With consumer spending particularly sluggish as soaring house prices and the big mortgage repayments required to service them, rising power bills and fears of unemployment as digital disruption sweeps through most industries, Mr Ahmet's firm is travelling against the trend.

"It's an easy purchase to justify. It's become more mainstream because it's transport as well and they're not heavy on fuel," Mr Ahmet said.

The average price tag for a new motorcycle is around $10,000, but the firm also has more expensive versions for more cashed-up buyers buoyed by the "wealth effect" from the escalating value of properties. A full-spec Harley Davidson tourer bike costs around $55,000, while a more exotic Italian MV Augusta will set the new owner back $60,000.

...Mr Ahmet said an increasing number of female riders are among buyers.

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