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Last week, the ACCC issued its first case in the Federal Court, seeking penalties under the revised Franchising Code, which began on 1 January 2015. This is a timely reminder to all franchisors about the importance of providing full and accurate disclosure.

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper says that he is concerned that many sectors remain unprepared for changes coming into effect in November when existing unfair contracts
provisions for consumers are extended to include small businesses.

The ACCC says that small businesses enter into an average of 8 standard contracts a year . With more than 2 million small businesses in Australia, the ACCC anticipates this change will potentially affect millions of standard form

“The ACCC has engaged with many businesses during the transition period. I urge all businesses that issue standard form contracts to undertake a review of their terms in the lead up to November 12 to ensure that they are compliant
with the new laws,” Dr Schaper said.

“Almost two thirds of small businesses have claimed to have experienced unfairness in the contract terms and conditions that they have signed up for and almost half report experiencing some harm as a result.”

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Learner riders getting used to Victoria’s new Graduated Licensing System (GLS)

Imagine if you learned to drive a car the same way as you learn to ride a motorcycle. No scared parent beside you, no instructor with a set of their own pedals.

Some states require you to ride with a supervisor, following in another vehicle, but this isn’t always practical or desirable for either the learner or the teacher.

Instead, riders often learn their craft at a racetrack, before being let out into the big bad world on their own with an L plate on the back of their new two-wheeler.

So imagine going to Eastern Creek for a couple of days and then heading out in a car on your own.

Sure, a closed-off track helps you learn to control a vehicle, but without other road users, intersections or traffic lights, it’s hardly preparation for the road.

Most motorcyclists will already have a car licence and should be used to dealing with road conditions, but to a lot of people it makes little sense to learn on a track.

Victoria is the first state to have addressed this with new rules for learner riders commencing in March. Under the new Graduated Licensing System (GLS) the learner’s course involves an on-road component, in which riders are supervised and shown potential hazards in-situ, rather than in a classroom.

It’s now harder to get your licence, but will it put people off buying a two-wheeler?

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